Our History

For 30 years, Mr. Halloween has created innovative mechanical and musical decorations. We design each piece in great detail to remain a special part of your Fall decor for years to come. The latest technology is incorporated into classic designs to create magical items that make memorable and treasured keepsakes. A multi-generational family-owned business, we delight in creating traditions in homes all over the world with our brands Mr. Halloween and Mr. Christmas.
Black Halloween Tree

about our products

about our products

innovative development

We use sophisticated technologies in both our indoor and outdoor products. We are committed to introducing new and different products each year as well as new variations on Holiday traditions. Innovation in Halloween decor is balanced by great design and ease of use for you, our customer.

quality construction

We are a family business and we make products that meet our own personal standards. Our products feature quality materials, realistic animation, and our own arrangements of songs. For your experience, and for environmental reasons, our goal for every item is to build a quality product that can be enjoyed and displayed not only year after year but generation after generation.

attention to detail

We are known for the exquisite detail found in many of our items. We pay careful attention to sculpting, scale and coloration. We arrange our own music, resulting in high-quality sound that can be found only in our products. We specialize in our own designs and engineering with a focus on quality.